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While the HQ beautifully manages most core agency and consulting project processes, there is so much more you can do in combination with your other favorite tools. Use our API to connect almost anything: time trackers, task management, invoicing, you name it. Or just go ahead and build something new! Here you should find all the developer resources you need.



The HQ API is a powerful REST/ OData interface to both data and logic of the HQ. Retrieve data, query entities or trigger workflows from your client application.



Our C# SDK makes it even easier to integrate with the HQ. The SDK provides convenient access to entities and features of the API. View on GitHub...



The API comes with state-of-the-art OAuth 2.0 authentication. Register your client apps with the HQ and get started developing. Learn more about authentication in our guides.

<strong>Developer Guide</strong>

Developer Guide

Our developer guides contain all resources you'll need for you HQ apps. It includes a public forum and complete API docs.



Want to get notified of changes in the HQ instead of polling our API? Use powerful web hooks to receive notifications about created, updated and deleted entities. Coming soon.



The developer forum gives you the help you need to get your HQ integration started. Need help with a query? Visit the forum and we'll find a solution for you.



To get you started even faster, we created examples for you in different languages and frameworks. Need a different language? Post in the forum! Coming soon.

Latest Posts on the 'Angularity'

Everything HQ, Angular and awesome... see all articles here.


Containers on Azure – Deploy your .NET Core Docker Container to ACS with Kubernetes

Containers are all over the place in the IT world right now. Their highest impact can most likely be felt in the context of microservice architectures. Small, independent but interoperating services are often deployed alongside each other. Containers create a good abstraction and separate services running on the same host. Managing microservices in containers, however,...

Using the HQ REST-API with Postman for Easy Integration Tests

The HQ API is becoming more powerful and many customers are already using it to expand the use cases of the HQ. Developing with a REST API is not for everyone, but we want to show how easy it is to try it out. We recently launched our developer portal where you can find all...

Announcing the All New Developer Portal

We’re very excited to announce our new Developer Portal. At developer.helloHQ.io we are bringing together our improved Developer Guide, the REST API Documentation, and a new Community Forum for everyone working with the HQ API. In our effort to enable more integrations and advanced use cases for the HQ, we have been busy enabling API...

Umzug zu Azure: warum und was wir gelernt haben

Looking for the English version instead? Wie wir bereits vor kurzem angekündigt haben, wechseln wir zu Microsoft Azure Deutschland als unseren neuen Hosting-Partner bis zum Ende des Jahres 2016. Hier erfährst du mehr über die Gründe, unsere Schritte und was wir dabei gelernt haben. Ein paar Infos zum Hosting des HQ Vor weit mehr als einem...

Octopus Deploy with Azure Germany

At HQLabs, we have been using a Continuous Integration process for more than a year now and it has become an integral part of our development and release process. We are using Atlassian Bamboo as our build server and Octopus Deploy for deployment, where we have environments set up for our Azure-hosted systems as well...

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