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Everything you need to build delightful integrations around the HQ


Easily expand your process beyond the HQ

While the HQ beautifully manages most core agency and consulting project processes, there is so much more you can do in combination with your other favorite tools. Developers use our API to connect almost anything: time trackers, task management, invoicing, you name it. Or just go ahead and build something new! Here you should find all the developer resources you need.


The HQ API is a powerful REST/ OData interface to data and logic of the HQ. Retrieve data, query entities or trigger workflows from your client application.


Our C# SDK makes it even easier to integrate with the HQ. The SDK provides convenient access to entities and features of the API. View on GitHub...


Our developer guides contain all resources you will need for your HQ apps. It includes both a public forum and complete API docs.


The developer forum gives you the help you need to get your HQ integration started. Need help with a query? Visit the forum and we'll find a solution for you.


To get you started even faster, we created examples for you in different languages and frameworks. Need a different language? Post in the forum! Coming soon.


How our customers have integrated their apps with the HQ


The HQ is already connected to your favourite tools

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to important integrations to tools like JIRA, Exchange, Zapier and DATEV. Just use our pre-built connectors to get your process up and running in minutes. 

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