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We’re very excited to announce our new Developer Portal. At we are bringing together our improved Developer Guide, the REST API Documentation, and a new Community Forum for everyone working with the HQ API.

In our effort to enable more integrations and advanced use cases for the HQ, we have been busy enabling API access to both customer data and business logic. While improving and extending the API, we have seen a very positive increase of API usage in the last months. At the same time, of course, questions about the API have increased. So we decided to give the HQ API users a new home: the Developer Portal.

We aim for the Developer Portal to be the one place where we can interact with developers and users of the API. We will answer questions, recommend tools and help with problems where we can. At the same time, we want to encourage everyone to share their experience working with our API and help each other out. Created a cool integration with Excel? Found a nice trick for OData? Share it with us!

The New Portal’s Sections

The Developer portal has several sections with different focus.

Developer Guide

The Developer Guide gives you an introduction to connecting your applications with the HQ. If you’re new to our API or want to learn more about its concepts, start here: For example, it contains information about authenticating with the API, how to construct common API calls using OData, as well as the latest release notes.

We’re also planning to add more details about the entities soon.

REST API Documentation

The improved REST API Documentation shows you how you can integrate with the HQ API. Here you can find the actual REST calls that are supported, see examples for requests and responses, and examine the schemas of our entities.

Community Forum

Ask questions, share knowledge, and discuss with our developers about the usage of the HQ API. Whether you have a question about an OData query, problems with the authentication workflow, or found a useful tool, we want to know about it in the forum!


What’s next?

We’re planning to improve the documentation, and add more content while we’re expanding our API. We’ll be adding more examples and best practices to make it even easier to work with the HQ API. Also, our SDK will find its way into the developer portal.

Check it out, and head over to the new developer portal now. We’re looking forward to seeing you in the forum!

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